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We are International Brokers and agents in Citrus/ Essential Oils , Speciality and Aroma Chemicals, Flavours, Food Chemicals, and Spices DIRECT from Source AND through our extensive network of European & USA suppliers.

Established in 2004, the Company brings over 30 years of  Experience in Global Trading and Brokering.

Travelling extensively throughout the world sourcing from some of the world's largest growing areas and manufacturers of Ingredients used within the Flavour/Fragrance,Beverage and Food sectors.

Utilising Global market intelligence and daily contact with a significant number of Origin Producers, Processors and Distributors our main business is obtaining both Spot and Forward prices for our customers as a transparent supply source  (Although all enquiries are worked confidentially until such times as transactions are concluded !).

This gives us a unique and unbiased position in the market place as DCP are not Principals in any of the Products we deal.

Members of the British Essential Oil Association

David Crosthwaite served as a past President of the International General Produce Association

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